Reasons You Shouldn’t Raise Rabbits

Typically this is the part of the blog post where I’m supposed to introduce you to reasons you shouldn’t be raising rabbits, but we don’t have time for that. There are plenty of normal humans just wandering around the internet, falling in love with the idea of having their own sustainable meat right in their backyard, and I need to help those poor lost souls before they get in so deep they cannot be rescued.

Reasons You Shouldn't Raise Rabbits with graphic of gray rabbit

Perfectly good meat appears in the back of grocery stores that doesn’t require an animal being murdered.

Have you ever seen a pork or a beef out in the wild? No, you haven’t. Because they don’t exist. It’s not science. It’s magic.

Knowing what food your meal has eaten is just plain wrong. 

Why feed your animal organic plants from your garden when it could instead be eating phytoestrogens and genetically modified organisms? That old saying, “you are what you eat” doesn’t apply to food because scientists created a filtration system from styrofoam wrappers and ignorance to just pull away all of the bad stuff. I’m really concerned about how you will filter your meat if you have neither styrofoam nor ignorance.

An angel loses its wings every time you pay less than $0.50 for “free-range,” “organic,” or “grass-fed” meat.

Don’t you dare get me started on those that eat gourmet meals for free because they grow their rabbit’s food. I may not know what the angel loses at that point, but I do know one thing, there will be severe consequences for those types of actions.

No one should love something they will one day consume.

Honestly, I’m ashamed that you would even consider caring about something you will one day eat. And praying or thanking the soul before it is harvested? What are you? A monster? Be a decent human and grow your meals in pens where they cannot turn around and get to stand in their own poo for their entire life. That is the very least you could do for an animal that will one day sacrifice it’s life for you.

You should only consume ugly animals. 

adorable photo of baby animals traditionally raised as livestock

I’m sure you heathen rabbit raisers and homesteaders can give our readers a few more reasons why you shouldn’t be raising rabbits. Go on. Don’t be shy. Tell them.