Quick and Easy Father’s Day Craft for Children

Father's Day Card with wish bracelet surrounded by natural materials

Father’s day is coming! As far as gift giving, this feels like such a tricky holiday for me. I struggle to find child-friendly crafts that are sentimental without being cheesy. Last week my daughter’s teacher asked if we could squeeze in a Father’s Day craft before the end of the year. I needed a craft that could be assembled quickly with a large group of 3 to 6-year-olds and could translate for many different types of parents. That left me with limited options! Grill sets wouldn’t work. Ties were out. Intricate Origami was definitely not going to happen.

I hoped to stick to the Montessori values. I wanted to utilize natural materials like we find throughout their classroom. I wanted something that little hands could create with limited guidance. Most importantly, I wanted something that would trigger both father & child to feel special. I stumbled upon a simple little bracelet called a “wish bracelet” and I knew I had found my Father’s Day craft.

The idea behind wish bracelets is that you make a wish when you tie the bracelet on. Eventually, the bracelet will break and then your wish will be release and come true. The beauty of wish bracelets is that they are so easy to customize. You can change the color and fibers of the string, you can braid or create intricate beadwork work or even go without a bead at all. This craft is full of possibilities!

I decided on hemp string because it is an easy to find, inexpensive, natural material that looks great! My daughter and I decided assorted wooden beads were the best option for this class. We had each child make two matching bracelets. One was for Dad and one was for the child. We then taped the bracelets to a little card that you can find at the end of this blog.

Before you see the video, I should mention we cut bracelets to be 11 inches long. If Dad has a bigger wrist, or if you are using more beads, I highly recommend you create a bigger bracelet. You can always cut off the ends once it is tied on.

Here is a video to show you how we made the bracelets:

Download your free Father’s Day wish bracelet card here

Father's Day Wish Bracelet Poem

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